Vice Chancellor' Message

As Vice-Chancellor of AWKUM, it gives me great pleasure to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this esteemed institution, and to look forward to your continued involvement in the coming years as we march together to new heights of achievement. In this regard, I am pleased to inform you that AWKUM is introducing its newly created "Alumni Network Portal" - to stay in touch with our alumni, "to construct a lively alumni network, sustain unending relationships, and find invaluable alumni potential." This site will allow us to keep in touch with all alumni on a single platform. Read more ...

Goals and Objective

  • To promote and support AWKUM's continued interest and devotion.
  • To efficiently use alumni abilities, efforts, and donations for the benefit of AWKUM and this Association.
  • To create an alumni association with a defined organisational structure and coordinated activities.
  • To set goals and coordinate activities toward their achievement.
  • To encourage its members' cultural, academic, and literary progress.
  • To assist the staff, faculty, and student body in their efforts to improve the University.
  • To print and disseminate diverse materials about the University and its alumni.
  • To organise and lead alumni gatherings.
  • To aid in the recruiting of students to the University.
  • To encourage University alumni and friends to generously support the institution through donations.
  • To establish and promote the AWKUM Alumni Fund for the use and profit of AWKUM and this Association.
  • To carry out any and all suitable activities in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives and purposes.
The Association strives to achieve these objectives through the following actions:
  • Serving as the coordinating and communications link between Alumni and the University.
  • Mobilizing support of Alumni for the betterment of the University through a network of Alumni chapters, Association committees and individual contacts.
  • Conducting targeted programs and activities designed to: strengthen the relationship between the University and its Alumni and friends; attract qualified students and recognize their achievements.

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