Vice Chancellor' Message

As Vice-Chancellor of AWKUM, it gives me great pleasure to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this esteemed institution, and to look forward to your continued involvement in the coming years as we march together to new heights of achievement.
In this regard, I am pleased to inform you that AWKUM is introducing its newly created "Alumni Network Portal" - to stay in touch with our alumni, "to construct a lively alumni network, sustain unending relationships, and find invaluable alumni potential." This site will allow us to keep in touch with all alumni on a single platform.
When an institution is in its early stages, it must work hard to create its brand value by creating outstanding infrastructure, hiring well-qualified and experienced faculty members, and offering innovative and relevant education programs. The institution must educate its students with the sole goal of transforming them into global citizens with great knowledge in their chosen discipline and interpersonal skills, societal engagement, and respect for all cultures.
If graduates perform well in their real lives after leaving the institution's portals, society begins to recognize the institution, and the institution's brand value begins to rise, and this brand value of the institution begins to contribute value to its graduates. As a result, it becomes a cyclic process. Both the institution and its alumni must respect the relationship that exists between them since it brings value to both of them. The alumni association's only aim is to bring all alumni together regularly to exchange ideas on how to make their alma mater relevant to society in changing times, as well as to assist institution administrators in implementing ideas to make the institution relevant for all generations.
I recommend that every AWKUM alumnus and alumni from its constituent colleges heartily reciprocate for the expansion of "AWKUM" by registering on this portal. It will be an honour to follow you all as you embark on an eventful and rewarding journey in your profession and life after graduating from AWKUM.

Best wishes in all your endeavours

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